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Own Your Own Online Christian Bookstore


The Christian retail industry in a multi-billion dollar industry. This is a home business opportunity with purpose.

  • BILLIONS OF DOLLARS are spent each year on Christian products!
  • THE DRAWBACK... Sadly, 85% of money spent on Christian products are spent in the secular marketplace. Come be a part of the solution. Let's redirect those dollars back into the Christian community!



~ Is This The Opportunity You've Been Praying For? ~ 


 Find Out By Asking Yourself These 8 Basic Questions

    1.)  Are you interested in earning extra income?
    2.)  Do you or anyone you know buy Christian books, music and gifts?
    3.)  Would you like to help redirect dollars spent on Christian products back to Christian families and ministries?
    4.)  Are you interested in receiving discounts on Christian products?
    5.)  Would you like to raise money for your church, charitable organization or a special ministry?
    6.)  Would you like to find your work more spiritually fulfilling?
    7.)  Are you willing to take the time to learn and be trained to be as successful as possible?
    8.)  Would you like to be your own boss?
~ If you answered YES to at least 4 of the questions above ~
Then this opportunity may be for you!
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